3D Printer
Ultimaker 2

This 3D printer offers high quality prints used for a variety of applications, from customized tools to prototypes.

Working Area: 210x210x220mm
Mechanical Resolution: 0,02 mm
Precision: +/- 0.05mm
File Format: STL
Material Available: PLA

Software Recommendations: The Ultimaker uses STL files prepared in Cura, a free proprietary software available at Fab@CIC.

Materials: Fab@CIC has stock of PLA filament for the Ultimaker. It should be stocked when you start using the machine. You are welcome to use what is loaded in the machine  or purchase your own filament. Filament must be PLA.

Training Guides & Tutorials: 

User Manual
Instructions: Changing Filament
General Troubleshooting