What is a Makerspace? 

A makerspace hosts a variety of digital fabrication equipment and tools, typically including 3D printers, laser cutters, digital milling machines, an electronics bench and more. These tools allow individuals, even those with relatively little design and fabrication experience, to create physical objects. The Fab@CIC makerspace, also known as a fablab, provides widespread access to modern means of invention.

What is CIC?

CIC is a coworking space geared specifically to support the office space needs of startups. CIC develops and operates office space that ranges from a single seat in a shared open space to office suites for 50+ employees. CIC’s mission is to help solve the world’s problems by supporting innovators.

What is Fab@CIC?

Fab@CIC is a makerspace located within Design Town that offers access to a wide array of digital fabrication tools that are usually only found in university workshops or at large firms. Fab@CIC is open to all CIC members and welcomes designers, makers, and anyone interested in exploring new ways of thinking and to become familiar with design tools.

Where is Design Town located?

Design Town is located on the 15th floor of CIC Boston.

50 Milk Street, Boston, MA 02109

What equipment does Fab@CIC offer?

Fab@CIC hosts 3D printers (filament and resin technologies), laser cutters, a CNC milling machine, a large format printer, a vinyl cutter, and an electronics workbench. Check out our equipment page for a full description of each machine.

Who is partnering on these initiatives?

CIC has partnered with the Fab Foundation to run Fab@CIC and Design Museum Boston to run Design Town.


Getting Started

How do I join?

Did you look at the membership page and decide which offering is best for you? Email fab@cic.us to check on availability.

How can I learn the equipment in Fab@CIC?

Start by attending a training or workshop hosted at Fab@CIC. Come to office hours to get help on your project from an expert contributor. (Check out the calendar for trainings and office hours.) And don't forget the online resources listed under each machine on the equipment page

I have an idea for a project. How do I get started?

If you have been trained on the appropriate equipment and are a Fab@CIC member, you can jump on a machine and start fabbing! Check out "How do I book a machine?" below.

If you are a member but don't know how to use the appropriate equipment, attend a training and work on your project during contributor office hours. Feel free to ask for guidance!

If you don’t know how to use the machinery, and don’t care to learn how, fill out this Project Inquiry Form.  Someone will follow up to see if your vision can become a reality!


Working at Fab@CIC

How do I book a machine?

To use Fab@CIC equipment, you must be a Fab@CIC member and have completed machine-specific training. Head over to the equipment page and reserve the machine by clicking the "Reserve" button. Please enter your reservation time with as much accuracy as possible and don't overwrite anyone else's reservation!

How do I get materials?

We offer standard materials for each machine that you’re welcome to use in the Fab@CIC space. For example, we have a variety of cardboard, wood and acrylic for the laser cutters, different filaments for the 3D printers, and various color of vinyl for the vinyl cutter. However, if you’d like to use a large amount of material for your project, we’d recommend bringing in your own. We are happy to offer suggestions on where to purchase your own pieces!

Is there storage for my belongings and projects?

Currently, there is only storage for dedicated desk Design Town members and coworkers. 


And beyond!

Can I book an event with Fab@CIC?

Yes! Fab@CIC welcomes CIC clients and external organizations to host design- and maker-related events with Fab@CIC. To get started, please fill out the CIC Events Inquiry Form and a member of the events team will get back to you within 1-2 days.

Do you offer private office space? 

Yes! Your organization can rent private office space from CIC and have membership at Fab@CIC, giving your team access to the equipment and work space at Fab@CIC while their primary workspace is located elsewhere.